Who are EXERGI?

EXERGI are LED lighting and energy saving experts specialising in industrial and commercial solutions.

Why change to LED lighting?

LED lighting uses much less power than traditional incandescent and discharge lighting, meaning your energy bills will be reduced.

Is the quality of light better?

Yes.  LED lighting provides superior lighting quality, and are fully dimmable with precise colour temperature matching. 

Which companies are eligible?

EXERGI will only install our LED lighting systems in companies that are well run, have a good balance sheet and have five years trading experience.  We typically install systems in buildings that have over £50,000 of lighting costs per year and have their lights on for over 12 hours per day.

What is the contract length?

The contract length is currently 7 years.

How long does installation take?

Typically, a project will take around 3 months from initial assessment and planning to installation, although this can vary depending on the precise requirements.

How much can I save?

Generally, savings are between 30-50% on your current energy costs.  As part of the planning process, we will provide a full cost saving analysis.

Is there any capital cost to us?

No.  We guarantee that all our systems are installed by us at no charge in return for a share of your energy savings. 

Do we own the lighting system at the end of the contract?

Yes.  At the end of your 7-year contract, you will own the lights.

Are the lighting systems serviced free?

Yes.  Our systems are installed free and also maintained free of charge.  In the very unlikely event that there is a fault in the system, then a replacement will be made at no cost to you.